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As lovers of building blocks, we thought about how can we better show the charm of building blocks and give them a home, so we developed display wallboard.  We believe that the display wallboard is not only a simple decoration, but also an upgraded version of the building block toy, which will stimulate the talent of human creativity and lead us to explore a wider and more interesting world.

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As Begin

In the summer of 2021, one of our founders received a LEGO Porsche 911 RSR 42096 for his birthday, thus opening his love for LEGO

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In 2022, the founder was excited to collect four Lego supercars, but his troubles followed, he thought, where should so many large cars be placed in the home?

Emergence of opportunity

Just a casual thought, what if I hung my Lego car on the wall? So the founder made the first display wallboard for this motorcycle model 42130


The founder designed four of his favorite supercar display wall panels, and was widely praised after social media release, causing a high level of attention

Since then

Various types of LEGO display wall panels have been created, you can find US on Amazon US, Amazon CA, Amazon DE, or directly through our website

To be continued

More updated models are also in development, so stay tuned.Or you have a favorite model but not found on the website, welcome to send us an email, we will refer to your valuable comments

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