Frequently Asked Queations

In which countries is it available?

Currently our website is only available in the United States.

Does the product include Lego cars?

Our products are only display wallboard, not Lego cars.

How do I charge for shipping?

All our products are shipped free of charge, the normal delivery time is 5-7 days; Only choose urgent service, you need to pay extra, delivery time 3-5 days;
Please refer to our
shipping policy for details.

How to assemble the wallboard?

  1. Thread the screw through the hook
  2. Push the screw through the hole of the display wallboard
  3. Tighten the nuts on the back of the display wallboard
  4. Attach the car to the hook according to the Product Instruction Manual

How to hang the car up?

There are hooks on iLuane display wallboard, just hang the car on the hooks; And the hole position is carved according to the model, so it is easy to install.

Is the car firmly hung on the wallboard?

Yes, it is safe and stable. It will not fall when you tilted the wallboard. The barb of wallboard is firm and does not hurt the vehicle,which will protect your Lego building blocks better.

What is the material of the product?

  • Border Material: Aluminum
  • Back Material: Leather board
  • Picture Material: Imported S-grade mirror

How can I return it? What are the return rules?

Please refer to the How to Return page for instructions on returning goods.
We promise to accept returns within 30 days with free shipping, no return fees, and no clearance promotional products, which can be found in our Return Policy